I Believe in Youth
by Almas Ildirim (1907-1952)

Shred, break, and chew my heart if you wish,
But I still have an inexhaustible soul for this struggle!
Be Death and circle around my head every moment,
Still will create one more rebellion against you one day!

Did you like when I kept my silence for awhile?
Your order that made me vomit blood
Cannot make me give up!
You, on whose breast I was born and took my first steps,
The blood running through my veins is devoted to you!

My friends, my love is eternal
Who can steal this charming beauty from my heart?
There is no power that can destroy the intent of my heart,
Because I have faith in that day of salvation!

Don't pay attention; I am wounded inside
Let my stormy youth pass
I know that I will not be disgraced,
I have hope and faith in my country's youth.

Translated by Aytan Aliyeva

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